Unit 1 Health & Safety

Health & Safety Coordinator Annie – Culligan

Please check your Health and Safety board for the recent meeting minutes and for contact numbers for the rep. for your program/service.

Please be aware that we are provincially regulated.

Your Union Representatives of the Health and Safety Committee are:

Anemki Place- Debbie Ewing, Shannon Hogan, Lacey Gollat

Alternate-Mike Kopot

Adult Treatment- Liz Afonso - alternate – vacant

ABTRS includes JSL -   Kelsey Snook

Alternate- John Dulude

Heath Park/JSL – Annie Culligan, Valerie Hill-Walmark, Jaylene Nydam

Alternate is Delena Toset

Archibald - Jaimie Petri (does not attend meetings)

Long Lac-  Bibianne Charles Alternate: April Luby

Marathon-   Maxine Andre  Alternate—Amy Belmore

Mobert- Anne Chalykoff Rep Only (does not attend meetings)

Nipigon-  Dawn Marchand      Alternate—Claudette Morriseau

Armstrong-Whitney Roussey (does not attend meetings)

Red Rock Office – Lorna Hardy Rep Only (does not attend meetings)

CW Group Home- Paul Tryburski (does not attend meetings)

101 Blucher Ave- Monty Hardy- Rep Only (does not attend meetings)

103 Blucher Ave- Monty Hardy- Rep Only (does not attend meetings)

AOH Homes- -Wolf Court – Gisele Tilson-Rep only (does not attend meetings)

Wolf Court – Gisele Tilson-Rep Only (does not attend meetings)