Steward Contact

                                           **Please see your union bulletin boards for contact numbers**

                          Chief Steward of both units is:

Unifor Local 7-O-1 – Dilico worksite

Child Welfare   Jill Riley and Tom Auger

AOH & CW Group Home  Vacant

Administration and Health   Ashley Sanderson

Archibald Site (Mixed) Rachel Kakegamick

Mental Health:

Heath Park  Michele Harel

 ABTRS  -Michelle Green

DARTC  Emilie Albert


Nipigon & Red Rock Office -  Tina Simmons

Marathon/Mobert   Donna Jaculak

Longlac   Sandra Abernot

Armstrong   Roberta Shapwaykeesic

UNIFOR Local 7-O-2- Mushkiki and NPLC Worksites

Unit Chair of Anishnawbe Mushkiki  is Joanne Wilson
Steward is Susan Smith